Bud & Bee is a small boutique soap company in Watkinsville, Georgia. We make all our soaps in small batches by hand with the very best natural ingredients.

One of the things we love about soaping is that there is always more to learn! Each recipe, each fragrance, each colorant behaves slightly differently, and so every batch of soap is a new experiment. While we have several base recipes we love, our selection of scents, colors, and designs is constantly evolving.

Here at Bud & Bee we need all the options! We couldn’t buy a wire cutter that was just right for us. So my sweet husband designed and crafted one with the flexibility we want.

Like honey bees, we at Bud & Bee are attracted to color, pattern, and fragrance. In bloom, even the humble dandelion becomes lovely!

We have several tried and true formulas, such as our luxury shea butter body bars, but we also love to experiment! Our product line is ever changing. Our selection includes numerous fresh, new soap recipes created in one of a kind small batches. Once a batch is made we most likely won’t make one just like it again. Unless, of course, you want us to!

We make large 7 ounce bars, round bars, 2 ounce guest or travel bars and specialty shapes. Clays, pumice, walnut hulls, citrus peels, baby food and purees, fragrances, essential oils, flower petals.  If it can be used in soap, we have used it or will use it to enhance our soap’s color, pattern, and fragrance!

With endless combinations of formulas, colors, additives, fragrances and methods, we get a buzz making soap!